• March 29, 2024

    Team Trucking as a Couple: Is It Worth It?

    If you have been reading AAA Freight’s blogs lately, you’ve had the opportunity to learn a lot about team trucking. We recently wrote about the benefits of teaming up and interviewed one of our best trucking partnerships, and both pieces gained a lot of attention from fellow truckers. Building on this momentum, we're shifting gears to examine the potential pros and cons of sharing the road with your significant other.

    What Are the Pros of Trucking Together as a Couple?

    First of all, team trucking with your partner may be a brilliant idea from a financial perspective. As OTR truckers, you two can double the miles and thus double the income, as well as take on loads that pay more for getting the job done quicker. Also, if you are more experienced in the trucking industry, you can cut on additional expenses by dispatching each other.

    In terms of compatibility, trucking with your significant other is a top choice for those who prefer team driving. Assuming that you already know your partner, and understand their needs and boundaries, you won’t have to worry about some bigger disagreements with them, as can be the case with other team truckers and their teammates.

    Another problem that has been troubling truck drivers since forever is loneliness. Being lonely on the road will lead to depression, sleeping issues, an unhealthy diet, and a whole chain of issues. By sharing the cab with your significant other, someone who knows and cares about you, you can probably solve all these problems at once!

    And What About the Cons?

    Trucking together as a couple is basically the same as moving in and living together. If you don’t feel completely comfortable with sharing so much time with your partner, and if there are ongoing issues in your relationship, teaming up on the road might not actually be a good idea. Such a decision could cause further problems between the two of you and also compromise your trucking career.

    Additionally, one significant downside of trucking together as a couple arises if one partner doesn’t enjoy the job or the lifestyle. Unlike traditional employment situations where you can leave work behind at the end of the day, trucking requires a significant commitment of time and energy. If one partner feels unfulfilled or unhappy with their career choice, it can create tension within the relationship and decrease productivity on the road.

    So… Is It Worth It?

    If you both share a passion for trucking and are confident in your relationship, we advise you to go for it! From the financial perspective, it’s definitely worth it, while other potential issues can easily be solved through open communication in a healthy relationship.

    And if you want to ensure your partner and you are always on the right track, getting the best loads, and earning more, you should start trucking with AAA Freight! We have some of the latest truck models, an experienced dispatch team, and numerous career opportunities to help you thrive on the road. Call us now at (773) 250 - 7467 to learn more!

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