• May 5, 2023

    Benefits of Team Truck Driving

    Individuality is a defining characteristic of the average truck driver in the United States. They are typically independent, strong, and confident in their own skills. However, driving long distances alone, far away from home, can make their job seem unbearably exhausting at times. That’s why some drivers consider switching to team truck driving.

    Still, there are certain factors that discourage truckers from operating in a team. Many feel they cannot share a vehicle with someone they do not trust. Others worry that their personal space may not be respected by their driving partner. But what if you actually know someone you can trust - someone who will respect your privacy, understand your needs, and is a true professional? Then, team truck driving might actually be a good option! Let’s consider some benefits of teaming up.

    You Can Make More Money

    In a team, your partner and you can drive almost all day long without violating the Hours of Service rules. And if you are able to work more, you can also earn more! Additionally, there is a whole bunch of loads that specifically require team drivers, enabling you to get better rates for delivering goods in a shorter amount of time. Team truck driving is one of the highest-paying jobs in the industry!

    You’re Not Alone

    As already mentioned, truckers are generally accustomed to the solitude of their job, and they also crave to be left alone from time to time. However, trucking with a reliable partner allows you to have fun while driving. You can share your music playlists, prepare food for each other, play board games, or perhaps discover a mutual hobby. Most importantly, resolving any kind of inconvenience on the road is much easier when you have someone by your side to assist you!

    Reduced Driver Fatigue

    This is one of the most underrated perks of sharing your cab! With a partner, you’ll be able to rest more often and develop a consistent sleep, without risking being late for your pickup or delivery appointments. We recommend working out a driving schedule with your teammate that would allow both of you to have sufficient rest periods.

    It’s Easier to Find a Job

    Driving in shifts decreases downtime and deliveries are completed faster, which is a win-win situation for everyone involved. That’s why trucking companies are consistently searching for team drivers, giving them a variety of benefits. AAA Freight Inc. is currently looking for new team truck drivers, too, so make sure to check our offer

    Safer Driving

    When driving within a team, it is significantly easier to reduce fatigue and take care of illnesses and injuries. Also, you don’t have to worry about your personal stuff as much as when driving alone. For example, when you take a walk to the grocery store to buy some necessities for your next trip, your partner can remain in the cab to keep your possessions safe.

    Is Team Truck Driving the Right Choice for Me?

    Whether you will thrive or not within a team depends on many factors. Before making a decision, you should consider all the pros and cons of team truck driving. While some drivers aren’t willing to sacrifice their solitude and share the cab with someone else, others are enticed by the huge financial opportunities and feeling of safety that teaming up provides. If you decide to give team driving a shot, we advise you to find a trustworthy partner, preferably your friend or a family member. Team truck driving is all about understanding, trust, and teamwork, so finding the right person is essential.

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