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    AAA Freight, Inc. is the right choice for you! 
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    Whether you are an owner operator with your own unit looking for a reliable company to drive for, or you are looking for an opportunity to lease a brand-new {or used?} truck and pull steady dry van freight for excellent earnings – AAA Freight, Inc. is the right choice for you!

    We offer different choices of operating options, such as Dedicated, Over the Road, Regional, and Short Hauls and with an assigned dispatcher you’re always going to find the mix of miles and home time
    that you want with a great pay.

    DRY VAN: ( 78% - ALL INCLUDED)

    • Liability & cargo
    • Trailer
    • Occ insurance
    • Direct deposit
    • Transflo
    • Logbook
    • PrePass Plus fee
    • Permits (NY, NM, KY)
    • Dispatch service (you will be assigned your own dispatcher, full dispatch service available 24/7)
    • ELD Support (available 24/7)


    • IFTA & fuel
    • Physical damage (6% of the value of the truck in a yearly period)
    • Truck payment ($600-$850 + 0.10cpm weekly)

    FLATBED: ( 87-13%)

    • Only Owner Operators
    • Earn 87% of gross
    • We offer predictable and flexible home-time
    • Brand New Equipment
    • Conestoga trailers are available for $400 a week
    • Flatbed trailers $300 a week
    • Equipment is purchased for you and you keep it if you leave
      • Flatbed equipment up to $3000 ($300 x 10)

    We offer full time service for our owner operators:

    • Providing dedicated, regional and OTR freight year-round
    • Weekly direct deposit
    • Assigned dispatchers
    • No forced dispatch
    • Fuel cards
    • Maintenance Discount with our network
    • PrePass Plus

    Owner operator LEASE & RENT REQUIREMENTS

    • Minimum of 12 months over the road experience in the past 3 years (for teams lead driver min 12months/ co driver 6month)
    • Minimum of 23 years of age
    • No convictions for possession, sale or use of any illegal drugs
    • No felony convictions in the past 10 years
    • Favorable references from past employers
    • No application falsifications, application must include 10 year employment history
    • Must supply a copy of CDL, social security card or birth certificate
    • Must provide current MEDICAL CARD that matches his/hers driving record and that does not expire within the next 30 days
    • No more than 1 preventable accident and no preventable DOT accidents within the past 36 months
    • PSP report must not contain: jumping an OOS order, hazmat load securement or placarding violations, failure to secure container violation, 3 or more HOS OOS violations within the past 12 months and no English speaking violations within the past 24 months
    • No Type I violations within the past 36 months:
    • Failure to report an accident, failure to stop, wrong way on a highway, speeding (16-20mph over limit) , use of an electronic device while operating a motor vehicle/failure to use seat belt
    • DUI, driving with suspended/revoked license, false report to police, hit & run, leaving a scene, homicide or manslaughter with a motor vehicle, passing a school bus, racing, eluding a police officer, railroad crossing conviction, reckless driving, speeding (21 mph over limit), at fault accident with fatality
    • No more than 4 points for minor moving violations in the past 36 months or 2 points in the last 12 months:
    • Minor violations (1 point each) are: improper stop, lane violation, speeding (1-15 mph over speed limit), disregarding traffic control device, unsafe operation of motor vehicle, failure to yield, improper U-turn or improper backing or turning, red light , stop sign
    • Minor violations (2 points each) are: Following too closely, careless driving
    Now we offer PrePass Plus: weigh station bypassing and electronic toll collection services. Some benefits including: discounts offered by all tolling agencies, violation fees are waived, average full saving 1/2 Gal per green light weigh station bypass, average time saving 6 to 8 minutes per green light bypass, reducing number of inspections and much more.


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