• December 8, 2023

    Trucker's POV #1: Kendall and Jennifer’s Journey with AAA Freight

    Over the past couple of months, we have explored different aspects of the transportation industry in our blogs. We’ve shared some tips on vehicle maintenance, highlighted ways to prioritize health while traveling, and looked into the advantages of OTR trucking. But this time, we want to provide you with a firsthand perspective of trucking directly from our drivers.

    In our recent conversation with Kendall and Jennifer, a stellar driving team at AAA Freight, they discussed their careers, the challenges truckers face, the benefits of team truck driving, and other relevant topics!

    So how did Kendall and Jennifer decide to start trucking and were there any obstacles on their path?

    I decided to start driving after the pandemic. I was looking for a career path that allowed me to make a decent living and have pride in what I am doing. As a contractor, knowing the truck, and knowing what to do were my biggest hurdles initially. However, I have a few experienced friends that have helped me with this.” - Kendall told us.

    Jennifer’s story is interesting as well. “I was in the truck with Kendall and decided to obtain my CDL so we could drive teams and I could be a more active participant in the truck. The biggest challenge I have had to overcome is changing from working either at home or in an office and transitioning to rarely being at home.

    As driving teams are not a frequent sight, we wanted to know more about their experience so far. What are the benefits of team driving? Should individual drivers also consider teaming up, and why?

    Driving together provides us with the ability to find the most effective routes, cheapest fuel, establish better eating habits and have healthy options readily available. A co-pilot in the truck allows us to handle any issues that come up without having to stop. When backing up, having a person on the outside saves a lot of time.

    Being on the road alone is difficult. Having someone to share their experience with is invaluable. It is not easy, but at the end of the day it is a huge positive. Being able to experience so much that goes on around the country and on the road together has been a total game changer.

    They also stressed the financial aspect of teaming up and the importance of sharing a cab with someone similar to you.

    Financially, team driving also provides more stability than solo driving - from our experience at least. With this being said, teaming up with the “right” teammate is imperative. This is a small area, so teaming up with someone who has similar habits (cleanliness, smoker/non-smoker, noise, driving habits, etc.) is important so that the team can perform at an optimal level.

    We were also curious to see what enticed them to join AAA Freight and how they like it here so far.

    We chose AAA Freight because we were searching for a reputable company to work as independent contractors. We also wanted to be working with a squad dedicated to team freight. We found all of this at AAA, as well as an amazing support team and a high level of professionalism. We never feel like we are out here alone - we know we have people supporting us with everything from safety concerns to maintenance and dispatch.

    There are times when things can get a bit difficult and when we call in to talk to someone about whatever the issue may be, the person on the other end is always positive, encouraging, and upbeat. The positivity shines through the phone! It is such a blessing to have such strong support staff as our lifeline while we’re out on the road.

    We would not be able to do what we do as effectively without the support that is provided by AAA. We are never in doubt about what is expected nor do we ever doubt the sincerity of anyone we have contact with.”

    At AAA Freight, we’re extremely proud of drivers such as Kendall and Jennifer. Their dedication and hard work should never be undermined, as they truly represent our company in the best possible light. Thanks to them, we keep moving America!

    If you enjoyed their story and want to explore what sets AAA Freight apart, APPLY NOW to join our squad of elite truck drivers!

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