• September 1, 2018

    Winter preparedness

    We have another cold blast coming our way (Chicago) and across the whole country Monday/Tuesday. This is how you should act and treat your equipment. 

    When parking a unit for more than 12hrs, please execute the following action items if the lows reach the ranges below:

    1. 21 degrees and warmer-Do nothing
    2. Between 11-20 degrees- The truck must be plugged in and started every 24hrs were applicable. Please run the tractor for 15-30 minutes, then shut down.
    3. Ten degrees and colder- The truck must be plugged in and started every 12hrs. Please run the tractor for 15-30 minutes, then shut down.

    When the temperature has the potential to dip below 20 degrees, anti-gel must be added to the fuel:

    1. Anti-gel can be obtained at any truck stop
    2. 16ounce bottle per tank added before filling up. Products like Penray and Power Service are common in truck stops.
    3. (1 bottle/tank fully fueled)
    April 24, 2024
    Why (Not) to Self-Dispatch

    When the market goes down, having a good dispatcher to pick the best loads for you can make a difference. But if your dispatcher is not experienced enough and cannot help you earn more, you might find yourself in a tough financial situation quickly. This is the reason why many truckers have chosen to dispatch […]

    March 29, 2024
    Team Trucking as a Couple: Is It Worth It?

    If you have been reading AAA Freight’s blogs lately, you’ve had the opportunity to learn a lot about team trucking. We recently wrote about the benefits of teaming up and interviewed one of our best trucking partnerships, and both pieces gained a lot of attention from fellow truckers. Building on this momentum, we're shifting gears […]

    March 1, 2024
    How to Maximize Your Fuel Efficiency

    Due to unfavorable economic conditions in the trucking industry, fleets are doing everything in their power to increase their fuel efficiency. Whether you’re a trucker or a fleet owner, these tips we compiled might help you save up on fuel expenses and become more efficient! Heavy loads exert significant strain on your engine, causing your […]



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