• March 24, 2021

    Trucking with a dog

    Trucking with a dog - what you should know?

    Being a truck driver is not an easy profession. Long hours really exhaust the person and often make the person feel lonely, despite millions of truck drivers being out there on the road, trucking long hauls. Someone should always be there, in the cabin, to keep one's company and share travel experiences. Some truck drivers are lucky to bring their spouses or friends with them on the road, but others are not that fortunate. For others that prefer to drive solo, bringing the pet with them on their travel adventures sounds like a perfect option!

    More than 40% of truck drivers bring their furry friends with them and cover long distances across the country together. Not only do dogs keep truck drivers feel less lonely, but they also play an important role in maintaining both the drivers' physical and mental health. Bringing your dog with you on the road could be a game-changer to your job and everyday habits, so it is important to prepare yourself for such change better.

    What are the benefits of having a dog right next to me?

    Before we discuss what you need to know about truck pets, we would like to list some of the benefits of having a dog beside you. Dogs are really human’s best friends. If you take care of your pups and show them love, they will show their appreciation and become loyal to you all their lives. Not only will they follow you wherever you go, some dogs actually “speak” with their owners, understanding everything that is said to them. Remarkable creatures, right?

    The real benefits, though, of having a dog right next to you are in physical and mental health. Dogs are lowering stress, which directly improves your mood and increases happiness. Truck driving is stressful and you might have bad days if you are on the road for a reasonable amount of time, so having a dog next to you might cheer you up and lift the spirit! They are also lowering cholesterol levels and boost your immune system. Some dogs are very active so they will need a walk or two per day, which will also improve your physical health.

    There are many benefits of having a dog. Life will never be the same when you decide to bring them with you.

    I want to bring my dog with me. What should I do first?

    If you are already working for a trucking company, the very first thing you need to do is to check their Pet Policy. If you are looking to have a fresh start, make sure you go through the Pet Policy before signing the contract. Various companies that are “pet-friendly” actually have strict regulations that might include fees that need to be paid and might have a list of breeds that they consider non-aggressive and are allowed to be brought on the road. Be extra cautious and go with the company that suits your needs most.

    Also, your dog’s vaccination and registration papers must be tidy and up-to-date. Most companies will require that your dog has a rabies vaccination, so keep a record of your pet’s health and bring it with you all the time. We would also like to draw attention to the idea that it might be wise to consider having pet insurance. Dogs traveling across the country are changing the climates, water, food, so it’s normal for a dog to have a certain reaction. Pet insurance will keep you safe from any additional cost you might encounter.

    What dog breeds are the best for the trucking lifestyle?

    Dogs are not something you put in your cabin and forget about it. Every dog has its own needs and you should devote your time to his/her adjustment to truck lifestyle. Some breeds are easier to maintain in the cabin than others, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't take the dog you already own with you on the road. The best dog for you is the one you manage to establish an emotional connection with.
    If you, however, don't have a dog but want to adopt it from a dog shelter and bring it with you on the road, you should consider a couple of things. The short-haired dogs are way easier to maintain. Naturally active dogs might not be a good option because they will require constant play and walk time, which you will be short on when on the road. Some companies have a pet weight policy, so make sure you check their guidelines and rules before choosing one. Most companies will allow pets that are below 25-30 pounds.

    Here is the list of the best dog breeds to take on the road with you:

    • Boston Terrier
    • Basset Hound
    • Pug
    • Dachshund
    • French Bulldog
    • Miniature Pinscher

    Consider their size as well. Make sure your best friend has enough room in the cabin to live normally. That's the biggest reason why most truckers choose dog breeds that are smaller in size.

    What things should I have in the cabin to keep them happy?

    Keep your dog hydrated and full

    Stock yourself up with bottled water and dog food without fillers. The rides are often too long and there might not be a pet shop for miles when you are on the road. Buy food and water bowls and keep them in the cabin. You don’t want to have crumbs all over the place.

    Have a first aid kit

    Accidents happen while traveling. The first aid kit is there to provide instant support but make sure you have registration papers with you all the time if your dog needs further medical assistance.

    Dog toys

    Bring on their favorite toys to keep them happy and occupied at all times. Chewing toys are a must because dogs like to chew objects as they explore the world around them. If there isn’t a toy in the cabin, the truck interior might be in danger. Young dogs are chewing because of their teeth, where older dogs practice the strength of their jaws.

    Cleaning supplies

    Bring air fresheners and cleaning supplies to keep your truck clean because accidents might happen to your dog. Waste bags should always be on you while walking your dog. Nobody loves an unpleasant stepping surprise.

    Leash and Harness

    The safety of your dog must be a top priority. A simple step on the brake could lead to severe injuries. The harness is there to keep your dog safe. Should we mention that your dog should have a collar and tag? Write your correct contact information on the tag in case of an unfortunate disappearance of your dog.

    AAA Freight has a Pet Policy

    AAA Freight is a trucking company that allows pets to be right next to their fellow drivers and ride with them across the country. We value family connections and understand the importance of having a dog on your road trips.

    They are a key component to our success and that’s why AAA Freight will always support drivers and their furry best friends.

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