• January 29, 2024

    Trucker’s POV #2: Entrepreneur, Trucker, Humanitarian - Meet Deniz, Our True Road Hero

    As one of the fastest-growing trucking companies in the United States, AAA Freight has hundreds of drivers of diverse backgrounds, values, and aspirations. And despite their differences, there are still some things they all have in common - commitment to responsible driving, excellent working habits, and fiery passion for their job.

    One of our truck drivers has a particularly interesting story. His name is Deniz Gunduz, he has been working with AAA Freight for almost two years now, and his decision to become a truck driver had an unusual background.

    “My multi-million dollar company went bankrupt and I had to start all over again from the beginning. I was the director of a half-billion-dollar project in Miami, but I knew it would take a lot of time to pay off my debts like that. I needed more money. My friend Zoran started driving for AAA Freight and he was satisfied. The numbers were there so I decided to follow in his footsteps, starting 2-3 months after him.” - Deniz said.

    We asked him what he liked the most about his job, and his response was an honest one.

    “Money is the best motivation. If I earn well then I’m the happiest man on the road.”

    He was (brutally) honest about the downsides of trucking, as well.

    “Other truck drivers can be annoying sometimes. Some of them don’t behave properly and you can feel it on the road, especially at the truck stops.”

    We asked him to describe an ordinary day at work, but his answer summed up the peculiarity of the trucking profession.

    “I don’t have an ordinary day. Every day changes according to the freight I have. It depends on pick-up and delivery times, the type of freight, etc. For example, if it’s electronics or a high-value load, I cannot make too many breaks. My sleep time varies depending on those factors, too.”

    When it comes to extraordinary, every trucker has strange stories from their journeys, and so does Deniz.

    “I have a lot of interesting experiences, but the most interesting (and at the same time the worst) one was unfortunately when some kids in Kentucky got bored and decided to throw logs on top of the vehicles passing by. I was hit with one big log which they threw down from the top of a bridge and it destroyed the front of my truck. The damage was around $5,000 and I had to pay for it because the local police couldn’t catch those kids.”

    So, why does he enjoy working with AAA Freight?

    “I like to see and hear familiar faces and voices. I feel like I’m part of the family now. Eve, Sonia, Eddie, Alexandra and Ivana, Marie Ann and Alex, Leo… I’ve never even met some of them in person, but they are my friends now. Marko and Marko at the yard, Ivona at the front desk, Bojan, the safety manager, and his team - they are all very friendly and helpful every time I go there. It’s good to work with people who know you.

    Also, being paid on time is important. After all, everyone is driving for money. This company is very careful and sensitive about this always.”

    But did you know? Deniz is also a humanitarian!

    In February 2023, devastating earthquakes struck Turkey, Deniz’s homeland. The disaster claimed tens of thousands of victims and destroyed the homes of millions. 

    At the same time, Deniz won a prize at AAA Freight for capturing the best photo of the month. Feeling the pain of his homeland and compatriots, he decided not to stay silent. He chose to donate his prize money to help the affected ones, inspiring us to join him and double his donation. This made us extremely proud, as we had a chance to make our own contribution and also discover what a wonderful, selfless person Deniz is.

    “I tried to help my country in many ways and that photo contest bonus was just one of them. I appreciate a lot that you guys participated and it was highly respected and appreciated in my country as well.”

    You Can Follow In Deniz’s Footsteps

    Did you enjoy Deniz’s inspiring story? At AAA Freight, we’re consistently looking to make our fleet grow and give our drivers the opportunities to earn while feeling supported on & off the road. If you want to start driving with us, take a look at our offer here or give us a call at (773) 250 - 7467 to learn more!

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