• October 20, 2023

    On-the-road Hobbies for Truck Drivers

    Truckers often enjoy being on the road by themselves, as it provides them with privacy and independence. In fact, that kind of freedom is one of the main reasons why so many people choose to become truck drivers in the first place.

    But on the other hand, living on the road alone isn’t always that simple, especially when it comes to entertainment and hobbies. How can truck drivers even have fun without anyone by their side? Actually, it’s not that difficult. We might have some suggestions!

    Photography and vlogging

    As a truck driver traveling across the United States, you have a unique opportunity to discover diverse places, experience breathtaking scenery, and visit parts of the country you may have never seen before. Thanks to smartphones, capturing these special moments during the journey is quite simple, so mastering the art of photography could be an engaging challenge that truckers can take on for themselves.

    Furthermore, once you develop your cinematography skills, you can open a YouTube channel and start making vlogs. That way, you will be able not only to record and share your journeys with others but also to make money by doing so.

    Walking and hiking

    Whether you prefer walking or hiking, both of these hobbies offer excellent opportunities for relaxation, benefiting your health and mood. You won’t need any expensive equipment, and you can engage in these activities almost everywhere. If you find some free time (yes, we know you have a busy schedule), try exploring nature or some nice areas on foot. You’ll enjoy it, for sure!

    Learning languages

    With mobile phone apps such as Duolingo and Babbel, learning foreign languages has never been easier! They allow you to learn various languages through fun tasks and quizzes. Using those apps, you can practice at a truck stop, during a lunch break, or while waiting to get unloaded. Learning a new language can be a rewarding and productive way to spend your time on the road.


    Thanks to technological developments that brought us portable devices, you can play your favorite video games literally anywhere, including inside your truck’s cabin! Many modern video games are accessible even with smartphones and tablets, but if you want to level up your gaming experience, you should consider investing in a portable console, such as Nintendo. In recent years, some truckers have decided to go a step further and install a TV in their cabs, which allows them to play games on PlayStation and Xbox, but that may not be possible for everyone.


    Looking to have some fun and also break up with junk food? Consider trying your hand at cooking your favorite meals from scratch! While it might require you to invest in a few extra kitchen gadgets and accessories, cooking for yourself will deliver a unique sense of satisfaction, and it will motivate you to take on a healthier eating routine!


    Maintaining physical fitness on the road is essential. Regular exercise not only improves your health but also helps you stay active during long hauls when you have to sit behind the wheel for hours! Simple activities like stretching and bodyweight exercises can help you stay in shape, and incorporating a fitness routine into your daily schedule can be both physically and mentally beneficial.


    Reading is an excellent way to pass the time while on the road. Audiobooks are a convenient option for truckers, as they allow you to listen to books without taking your eyes off the road. You can also opt for e-books and take advantage of your rest breaks to immerse yourself in a good book. Reading not only provides entertainment but also helps expand your knowledge and keeps your mind engaged.


    If you’re having second thoughts about becoming a trucker because you fear boredom, don’t worry, there are numerous options to make your journeys really enjoyable. At AAA Freight, for example, we understand the importance of the right work-life balance, so if you want to make the most out of your travels and truly enjoy your time on the road, make sure to apply to become our driver!  

    From photography to gaming, there’s no shortage of activities to keep truckers engaged and fulfilled during their solitary trips. These hobbies for truck drivers not only provide entertainment but also offer opportunities for personal growth and the development of your skills. Good luck out there!

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