• November 17, 2023

    AAA Freight Helps You Grow: Our Referral Bonus Program

    More than a decade ago, AAA Freight embarked on its remarkable journey toward success. Originally founded as a family company with just a single truck, today we proudly boast a fleet of over 400 top-notch vehicles, establishing ourselves as one of the leading carriers in the United States. We’ve risen gradually by expanding our team with trusted people who can get the job done safely and efficiently.

    Our hunger for growth has become even greater over the years, as we still want to make our fleet bigger and explore new horizons. That’s why we offer our drivers numerous opportunities for growth in the trucking industry. Mutual progress is the only path to success!

    Refer a Fellow Trucker to Earn More

    At AAA Freight, our exceptional recruiting team tirelessly brings in the best truck drivers from all across the US. But what is it that makes our recruitment process truly unique? Believe it or not, some of our truck drivers also play a role in recruiting through our Referral Bonus Program, which helps us expand our team and allows AAA truckers to earn more!

    Through this program, our truck drivers can invite friends and fellow drivers to join our company, earning up to $500 once their employment process is completed. All truck drivers at AAA Freight are eligible to participate and receive a rewarding bonus!

    Why Is the Referral Program so Important to Us?

    AAA Freight is built on the foundation of trust and togetherness among our people. Therefore, we are confident that our drivers can contribute to our growth by actively participating in the recruitment of quality individuals. 

    The Referral Program has played a crucial role in bringing on board hundreds of drivers who remain valuable members of our team. They continue to deliver freight across the country swiftly, embodying the core values that define AAA Freight. The fact that we employ so many people through the Referral Program makes us extremely proud, as it also serves as a testament to the satisfaction of our drivers.

    What Are Some Other Perks AAA Freight Offers Drivers?

    Apart from the Referral Bonus Program, AAA Freight also provides drivers with numerous other benefits and incentives, such as:

    • Safety bonuses;
    • 24/7 dispatch service;
    • No forced dispatch;
    • 99% no-touch freight;
    • Pet policy;
    • New and well-maintained trucks;
    • And others…

    Are you looking to boost your career and enjoy peace of mind on the road? Join us and experience continuous support in all of your trucking adventures! Apply now at AAA Freight!

    November 30, 2023
    How to Relieve Back Pain as a Truck Driver

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    November 17, 2023
    AAA Freight Helps You Grow: Our Referral Bonus Program

    AAA Freight’s growth is your opportunity! With our Referral Bonus Program, you can invite fellow truckers to join us and earn more.

    October 27, 2023
    Women in Trucking: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    Join AAA Freight in promoting women’s health and breast cancer awareness within the trucking industry - because their health is our priority.



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