October 18, 2020

Where are the drivers when the market is going to bloom?

At the same time, the economy is preparing to awaken from the long slumber it’s been in since COVID-19 hit, the for-hire segment’s driver supply is dwindling due to the retirement of veteran truckers, drivers’ ability to pass drug tests, and competition from other “blue-collar” industries such as manufacturing and construction

According to  FTR Transportation Intelligence freight rates are going higher than the 10-year average by the next summer. That would be on par with 2018 numbers.

It was stated during a recent FleetOwner webinar that “Most fleets report that they could do four times the amount of work that they are doing, if only they had qualified drivers,”

Now there is a mad dash to find qualified drivers, and one of the reasons is training schools and the Department of Motor Vehicles installations have reduced capacity or closed—with some schools dropping by 40%, limiting the amount of newly certified drivers available. Furthermore, 71% of fleets halted training programs, according to an NTI.

According to NTI as well, whats making matters worse, the generation gap has created a situation where the drivers who love what they do simply can’t rack up miles like they used to, the spirit willing but the body always isn’t. Retirement accounts for 54% of the driver shortage and when Baby Boomers retire, the smaller Generation X pool is not a large enough source from which to draw.

Adopting tactics such as salary pay, hourly pay, hybrid mileage, and dedicated lanes can also bring or keep drivers. Wage hikes are a good start, but driver engagement must accompany those increases. 

If you are looking for a job or know some one who does, please feel free to contact us. Road heroes are highly needed right now & and we have a great offer!

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