March 20, 2020

Truckers are heroes of the pandemic

Since the Coronavirus has become a global pandemic, the world around us seems to be falling apart.

Doctors and their medical staff obviously need the biggest praise. With over hundreds of thousands infected, they are doing their best to stop the pandemic.

But, there are other people that we're forgetting to give praise to.

And those are truckers.

They keep working while everyone else is advised to stay or work from home. They're away from their families, alone on the road.

And why is that?

So that America doesn't starve.

They transport goods all across the USA; just so they can fill up the empty shelves in stores, fill up gas stations, stock up pharmacies and hospitals.

So, as soon as you read this article, go call up your trucker friend/wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend. Give them praise. Thank them for working in this tough time.

That's the least we can do.

Stay safe people. Listen to the authorities, isolate yourselves if needed, and we hope all this will be over soon.

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