October 27, 2020

Road heroes

Truck drivers have always been road heroes. It’s well known that the only thing worse than driving in extreme weathers, like snow, fog, rain, wind, or all of the above, is doing it while you’re behind the steering wheel of an eighteen wheeler. You, dear reader, probably know what we’re talking about. And weather is not the only thing we admire truck drivers so much. During the on-going pandemic, while whole world was staying at home, staying safe, our road heroes continue operating for all of us.

On October 26th , Florida department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles and Florida Atoorney General Ashely Moody have made a collaboration to enlist half million truck drivers in their fight to put an end on human trafficking.

Campaign called “Highway Heroes” is about to partner with an extensive network of truckers who will help in identifying and reporting human trafficking.

“Truck drivers play an important role in our fight to end human trafficking. Nearly half a million licensed truck drivers live in Florida, and at any given time—day or night—they can be found transporting goods across our great state. By spending so much time on the road, visiting truck stops and communicating with each other regularly, these drivers create a powerful network that can be called upon to spot and report suspected human trafficking,” said Moody to the Capitolist.

Additionally, the campaign is launching a new website specifically for truckers, which will teach drivers how to  spot trafficking, gather evidence, report the crime and become a Certified Trucker Against Trafficking. And the campaign will be launching multiple ads aimed at educating truckers about human trafficking, which will run through January 2021. 

Read the officials word here -> http://www.myfloridalegal.com/newsrel.nsf/newsreleases/BB7B0C0A83B2B2768525860D005034E5

To view the website ->https://www.flhsmv.gov/safety-center/human-trafficking/commercial-drivers/

Source: cdllife.com

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