March 25, 2020

How does prepass plus make your life as trucker easier

Imagine, you’re an expedited driver, with only an hour left for you to deliver the freight. If you can maintain the speed, you’re going at, you might just make it. But, all of a sudden you are stopped by a weight station, which takes valuable time of your haul. You realize you’re not going to make it, and take it out on the weigh station personnel.

PrePass was made to prevent unfortunate happenings like this one.

  • Bypass weigh stations
  • Reduce tolling costs
  • Reduce your stress levels
  • No need to take alternate routes

With the help of PrePass you’ll be saving time, money, and be more satisfied with your job overall. PrePass operates at over 400 sites in North America and 10 sites in Canada.

Weigh station bypassing

Maximize your efficiency as a truck driver. Speed through weigh stations, like they’re nothing.
When you’re approaching a weigh station your phone or transponder will detect a weigh station nearby and send information to the weigh station about your truck. Information like which company you work for and the weight of your truck. You will be electronically weighted and can speed through the station, without having to wait.

Toll booths bypassing and discounts

Similarly to weigh station bypassing, PrePass offers electronic toll payments, discounts and consolidated invoicing. Which saves you even more money and time. PrePass also offers toll disputes for excessive toll charges.

  • One bill statement covers all toll authorities.
  • Save money thanks to discounted toll prices.
  • Let PrePass manage violation and toll disputes.
  • Avoid delays and wait times at toll booths.
  • Simplify the driving experience in busy corridors

Reduce stress levels and become more satisfied with your job

Stress is an everyday happening for a truck driver. There’s stress when waiting in traffic, when you can’t find some place, when you have to back into a tiny spot with no room to work with, or when you’re waiting at a weigh station.
Well, PrePass wants to at least take one stressor away, and make your job easier.

No need to take alternate routes

If it wasn’t for PrePass you’d probably be taking alternate routes to avoid weigh stations or waiting for the weigh station to close. This takes away valuable time from your job and just isn’t efficient.

PrePass MOTION app

Although transponders have an 99.9% accuracy rate, the MOTION App is a great alternative. The app’s main benefit is bypassing. But it also comes with some other great features to help truckers on the road.
PrePass ALERTS offers notificiations about upcoming road hazard. ALERTS is designed to improve driver safety and productivity. Currently ALERTS offers alerts for work zones, gusty wind areas, steep grade, brake check area, chain up area, runaway truck ramp and no commercial vehicle road.

Did you know AAA Freight, Inc. offers you PrePass Plus, weigh station bypassing and electronic toll collection services?
Some benefits including: weight station bypassing and electronic collecting services, discounts offered by all tolling agencies, violation fees are waived, average full saving 1/2 Gal per green light weigh station bypass, average time saving 6 to 8 minutes per green light bypass, reducing number of inspections and much more.

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