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    January 28, 2020
    International Roadcheck 2020 will take place May 5-7

    On 27th of January the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) announced the dates and area of focus for this year’s International Roadcheck inspection campaign. On January 27, the CVSA announced that International Roadcheck 2020 will take place May 5 — 7 throughout North America. The CVSA also said that this year’s area of emphasis will […]

    June 26, 2019
    AAA Freight supports marathon runner Goran Nikolic

    There are a few days left before the final, 77th marathon. Goran Nikolic, the marathon runner from Kragujevac is preparing for setting the Guinness World Record in running for the second time in his life.According to Goran’s words, setting the Guinness record is not his main goal because he has already achieved that by running […]

    May 2, 2019
    CVSA releases dates for Operation Safe Driver Week enforcement campaign

    Today the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) released the dates for this year’s Operation Safe Driver Week enforcement campaign. This year, Operation Safe Driver Week will be held on July 14 — 20 throughout North America. Law enforcement agencies across the country will be out in force looking for dangerous driving by both commercial vehicle […]

    March 27, 2019
    CVSA releases dates for 72-hour Roadcheck inspection spree

    The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) has announced the dates for this year’s International Roadcheck inspection blitz. The CVSA announced that 2019 International Roadcheck will be taking place from June 4 — 6 throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Most drivers who are inspected will receive the full 37 point North American Standard Level […]

    January 29, 2019
    Winter trucking safety tips for truckers

    Winter trucking safety tips for truckers: driving a tractor trailer in serious winter conditions, demands a specific set of skills for all drivers, especially big rig drivers. Too many drivers on the highways do not alter their driving skills, when driving in poor weather conditions, on snow-covered or icy roads. Good maneuvering and skid control […]

    December 3, 2018
    I-94 enforcement blitz under way

    Commercial vehicle enforcement officers from the Michigan State Police, Indiana State Police, Illinois State Police, and Ohio State Highway Patrol are focusing their attention on I-94 and other major freeways in their states this week in a coordinated operation. This multi-state effort Dec. 3-7 is meant to reduce commercial vehicle crashes along the I-94 corridor. […]

    November 20, 2018
    Troopers stationed every 20 miles on Thanksgiving weekend

    Troopers in eight states are planning a major enforcement campaign over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, troopers in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma and North Carolina are participating in a major traffic safety initiative, according to ABC 11. The operation is called “Interstate 40 Challenge: The Drive to Zero […]

    November 15, 2018
    CVSA updates its operational policy

    New guidance from the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) tells inspection officers that they must leave truck drivers alone when they are off-duty or in the sleeper berth. In late September, the CVSA updated its operational policy on how to select vehicles for inspection. Included in this update are instructions that forbid inspectors from waking […]

    November 13, 2018
    FMCSA clarifies new personal conveyance rules

    After months of confusion for millions of truckers, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has finally offered up some extra clarification on how personal conveyance regulations should be followed and enforced. In May of 2018, the FMCSA issued a statement to try to help truckers make sense of how the the personal conveyance provision works […]

    September 1, 2018
    Winter preparedness

    We have another cold blast coming our way (Chicago) and across the whole country Monday/Tuesday. This is how you should act and treat your equipment.  When parking a unit for more than 12hrs, please execute the following action items if the lows reach the ranges below: 21 degrees and warmer-Do nothing Between 11-20 degrees- The […]



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